Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ultra Rare Grocery Outlet Bargain Market Coupons!



Grocery Outlet Bargain Market is having a Grand Opening Celebration on October 29th at all 3 of the Spokane locations! I'm bummed because I have to go over to Seattle on Saturday and will miss it but the rest of you will get a chance to win some really sweet prizes :)

Anyway, keep an eye on your mailbox for the slick red flyer that has 3 very rare Grocery Outlet coupons on it! It includes:

$3.00 off of your $30.00 purchase from 10/27 to 11/5!
$4.00 off of your $40.00 purchase from 11/6 to 11/19!
$5.00 off of your $50.00 purchase from 11/20 - 12/3!

The Grocery Outlet Bargain Market does NOT accept manufacturers coupons, but I am a big fan of Grocery Outlet Bargain Market and these coupons are going to come in very handy for me! I like to purchase my fancy cheeses there - I get a way better deal, even without coupons - then anywhere else! Perfect timing for the holiday parties :)

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