Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rosauers: 64 oz. Old Orchard Naturals Juice as low as $.50 Cents Each!! !

I'm pretty excited about this deal!  I have been sitting on it for a few days because I wasn't sure if it would be acceptable within the parameters of Rosauers Coupon Policy, so I asked them on their Facebook page  and it is a go!

Old Orchard Naturals Cranberry Blends are on sale through November 29th for $2.00 each
- BOGO Printable coupon we told you about a last Friday  ( Will subtract $2.00 - hope you got because it is gone now!)
- $1.00/1 Printable coupon from here
= $1.00 for both!!

Just $.50 cents each :) 

Ok, even if you didn't get the BOGO coupon :( 

 $1.00 for a 64 oz. bottle of Cranberry Juice is a pretty sweet deal too!

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