Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You Know About the Franz Bakery Outlet Right?

I talked quite often about the Franz Bakery Outlet and how the place is my go-to store for deals on bread over on The Coupon Posse.  I usually go on Saturday when the deals are super good, but this weekend I just spaced it.

Well, my son was out of sandwich bread for his school lunches so I headed on down.  They didn't have any of the Whole Grain White Bread that I normally get on the reduced wall - it was still an awesome deal at 4 loaves for $5.29 - they did have the Sandwich Thins though for $1.20 a package.  These things are usually $2.00 or more higher at the grocery store!  I grabbed 4 of those and a bag of Whole Wheat mini Bagels and got all 5 items for $6.00! 

I stuck the Sandwich Thins in the freezer, that is a month's worth of lunch bread for my boy, and those Bagels are going to be very yummy in the morning with some Cream Cheese and Strawberry Jam :)

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