Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another Walmart Run, 65% Savings!

I hit up Walmart again so I could get in on some Breyers Ice Cream goodness! :-)  The closest Rosauers is over 80 miles away now, but thanks to Walmart, I can still get in on the action.   So before price match and coupons this order would have cost me over $85.00!  Youch!

2 Minute Maid 12 pk (Had two more coupons and the limit is 4 at Super 1), $1.98 with Super 1 Ad Match
- $1.00/1 Printable (NLA)

6 Nabisco Crackers, $1.78 with Super 1 Ad Match
- $1.00/1 Printable x 6

8 Breyers Ice Cream, $1.99 with Rosaures Ad match
- $1.50/2 Printable x 4

1 Bunch Bananas, $.39/lb with Harvest Foods Price Match

8 7-UP 2 Liter, $.79 wyb 8 wtih Safeway Ad Match

10 Frigo Cheese Singles, $.33
- $.50/1 MF from 12/4 SS

4 Werther's Candy, $1.33 with Walgreens Ad Match
- $1.00/2 Printable and $.75/1 home mailers from compliment email I sent x 2

2 K-Y Jelly, $2.84
- $3.00/1 Printable x 2

1 Haribo Gold Bears, $.97
- $.30/1 Printable (NLA)

2 Crest Complete Trial, $.97
 - $2.00/1 MF from 9/13 SS x 2

3 Hershey's Kisses, $2.48
- $1.00/2 Printable
- Buy 2 Get One FREE MF from 12/10 SS

= Total OOP:  $29.32 including tax making this a savings of 65%.  Exciting huh?  Too bad my cashier tonight didn't share in my enthusiasm.  My transaction consisted of much grumbling, rolling of the eyes, more huffs and puffs than I could count and ended with a comment about how I was ripping off Walmart!  (Sigh)  I'm off to enjoy a bowl of ice cream! :)~


  1. How can you be ripping off Walmart when the manufacturer reimburses them?

  2. Walmart is getting ripped off? Translation: The cashier was getting ripped off by having to do actual productive work while on the WalMart payroll.

  3. I guess she was just having a bad day! :) Joelle

  4. Oh the days of good customer service. The sad thing is that there are probably plenty of people that would like to have his/her job in a second.
    Not because it would be the best job in the world but because it is income..