Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bargain Market Grocery Outlet Deals!

I zipped into the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market today and spotted a few sweet deals!

Haas Avocados, 2 for $1.00!

5 Quart Wesson Canola Oil, $7.99!  Compare to Albertsons this week where 48 oz. (1.5 Quarts) is $3.49 ($2.99 if you mix it up in the Buy 10 Save $5.00 Promo) and we don't have any coupons!

Knorr Pasta Sides, $.50 cents each!  I think that is about the same as what I paid for these the last time I stocked up (one of my son's favorites) but I had to buy coupons off of Ebay to get them for that price!

Fresh Mushrooms, 8 oz., $1.50 each!  These actually rang up at $1.99, good thing I had the pic to show the cashier :)

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