Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Coupon Clarity: Did You Know?

We have been taking a Holiday break from our normal weekly series Coupon Clarity, but I just found out something very interesting and thought it was worth sharing.

Did you know that you can place special orders at Walmart?  I didn't!  Here is how and what I found out.

A week or so ago, I ordered more of the $2.00/1 Schick Disposable Razor Manufacturer Coupons off of Ebay.  Well, I received them and have been wanting to buy some more, but both of the Walmart's that I shop at have been out of them.  Today, I decided to call and find out if I could place a special order for them and found out that (normally)  YES, I can.  If the item that you want to order is something that Walmart normally carries, they will accept special orders!  Well, that is good information, right?  Yeah :)

Under normal circumstances, I could place an order for the 20 packages of Schick Razors, and then just pick them up when they come in, not have to worry about if they would have them or clearing the shelves, etc.  The hiccup with this particular item is that the Warehouse is out!  Apparently, Walmart is having a problem keeping them in stock...because the Warehouse is having a problem getting them in....because the manufacturer is having a problem keeping up with the orders!

Well, duh.  Put out a $2.00/1 coupon that basically makes the 12 ct. (or, 10+2 bonus) package FREE and yes, there will be supply vs. demand issues.  So they cannot take a special order as they have no idea when/if the Warehouse will have them available for the stores again.  And that is fair.  We all know how frustrating it is when you do put in an order that never seems to get filled. 

Anyway, I thought the part about actually being able to place special orders at Walmart was good to know, if nothing else :)


  1. what you also need to know is that they just add the number you want to regular orders and they will not place it aside with your name on it. I had that experience a while back when I ordered protein bars (price matched them to have them free with q) took many phone calls and many who had no idea what I am talking about and them being placed on the shelf with the rest of the order and me calling again and the very least make sure you have the name of the person you place the order with.

  2. I called the north. Spokane WalMart a few weeks ago & talked with the health/beauty manager to see if she could special order the Schick razors, & she said all she could do was look out on the floor & pull off the shelf an amount to hold for me. There happened to be razors in stock that day (miracle!) so she set some aside for me with my name on them & I picked them up the next day. Sounds like it's a mangers discretion sort of thing?