Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Coupon Clarity: Printing Coupons from!

Last week we talked a a bit about where to find more coupons and touched on the subject of Printable coupons.  This week we are going to start expanding on that subject and talk some more about!

Printable coupons, also called Internet Printable coupons, quite simply, are coupons that can be printed from any computer with an Internet connection and a printer, of course :)  They are an awesome resource for us couponers!  A friend once said that we are lucky to live in such an amazing time that we can actually print our own money - legally!!

There are several sites that you can print coupons from, but by far the most popular is!  Here is an example of what a coupon from looks like:

Normally, there are 10 coupons per page. (click on the pic below to see a larger version)

Navigating is pretty simple.  You can sort the coupons by category, select the coupons you want and print them! also allows you to search for new coupons by zip code.  I like to surf around in zip codes for areas that I know have a higher Adjusted Gross Income or higher cost of living because those zip codes often offer a larger selection and higher value coupons!  There is a very interesting reason for that.  Some of my favorites are 90210 (CA) 33101 (FL) 75287 (TX) and 10022 (NY).  A couple other good ones are 77577(KY) and 12345(NY). 

Coupons you select for printing will travel with you through zip codes, so don't worry about losing a coupon if you switch it up and check out a different zip.  Three coupons can be printed per sheet of paper, so make the most of it and try to find at least 3! will allow you to print 2 of each coupon per computer.  If you try to print more, this is what you will see:

You will not be able to print any more of that particular coupon when it says that the print limited has been reached.  That is why couponers get so excited when resets every month!   It means we get to print more of our favorite coupons :)  Sometimes, certain coupons will have a maximum print limit and that means that there are only so many of those coupons actually available for printing.  When that limit has been reached, they are gone until more prints are issued, if at all.  We have been doing this for long enough that we have a pretty good idea of what coupons will hit the max quickly, so when we tell you to get it now, we are serious! 

Most major chains accept coupons that have been printed from  Smaller, independently owned chains are a bit more wary of them due to the fact that it is very easy to counterfeit printable coupons (photo copy, alter etc.).  Extreme cases of this happening have actually forced smaller stores out of business and forced large chains to modify their coupon acceptance policies regarding Internet coupon usage.  Later in this series, we will discuss more on improper and illegal coupon usage as well as how to spot bad coupons.

If you are unsure about how to use printable coupons at your favorite store, get a copy of the coupon policy (most have links to them available on their websites) or ask at the store.  This is a good idea no matter what kind of coupons you are using, knowing what the rules are makes it so much easier to play by them :)

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Disclosure:  This article does contain affiliate links. Simplistic Savings will receive compensation when you click on those links and print coupons.  It's not much, by no means will it make us rich, but it does help us from having to get real jobs and that way we can continue to do what we love and share the deals!  We thank you in advance for that!

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