Friday, December 9, 2011

SOLD OUT!: FREE 1 Year Subscription to Backpacker Magazine!

The Magazine is now SOLD OUT, but you can still get a FREE $10 Credit and hang onto it for another good deal.  

Now that we are living in "God's Country", my hubby is excited to really get into hiking, snowshoeing, trail running ect.  I just picked up a 1 year subscription to Backpacker Magazine from The Clymb!   This was very simple to do and he's going to enjoy reading it.

Sign up for The Clymb - It's a daily deal site for the adventurer and completely FREE to sign up!
*Get a $10 instant Credit
*Grab your One Year Subscription to Backpacker Magazine which is only $9.98 - and totally FREE   after the instant $10 credit!  :)

Thanks, Mojo!

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