Friday, December 23, 2011

HOT!! $1.50/1 Mott's Coupon!

Wow!  Ok, this coupon takes a little cooperation from a few of your friends but it is totally worth it!  Like Mott's on Facebook, share it with 3 of your friends and get them to like Mott's on Facebook, then they will email you a link for a $1.50/1 coupon! 

Thanks Maven of Savin!


  1. this did not work. I attempted to get the coupon, it kept asking for more and more and more people to refer, but it never gave me my coupon.

  2. did not work for me, no coupon.

  3. That was happening early this morning as well . . .Mott's was having trouble with the app - I see they have some instructions on how to redeem the coupon on their FB page.
    Hope that helps! ~ Joelle