Monday, December 19, 2011

Walmart Run!

It was pretty crazy at Walmart today but I think I did all right :)  Here's what I got:

2 Expressions Popcorn Tins @ $5.75 each
- $1.00/2 MF from the 12/4 SS
= $5.25 each

10 Ragu Pasta Sauce, ($1.68) price matched to Albertsons @ $.99 cents each
- $5.00 ($.50/1 x 10) MFs purchased from Ebay
= $.49 cents each (or $.81 cents each if you factor in what I paid for the coupons)

10 Schick Disposable Razors (12 ct) @ $1.97 each
- $20.00 ($2.00 x 10) MFs from the 12/4 SS also purchased from Ebay
= $.30 cents overage (or .08 cents each if you factor in what I paid for the coupons)

2 Crest Complete Trial Size Toothpaste @ $.97 cents each
- $4.00 ($2.00/1 x 2) MFs from th 9/11 SS
= $2.06 overage

2 Dulcolax Laxative Tablets (8 ct.) @ $1.98 each
- $5.00/2 Printable coupon
= $1.04 overage

2 Breyers Ice Cream ($3.27?) price matched to Yoke's @ $1.88 each
- $1.50/2 Printable coupon
= $1.24 each

2 Wonka Candy Canes @ $2.00 each
- $1.00/2 Printable coupon
= $1.50 each

Tax = $3.84

Subtotal before coupons was $65.60

Total OOP after coupons was $25.60!

I forgot to add the 2 Children's Triaminic that I price matched to Rite Aid for $3.50 each
- $4.00 ($2.00/1 x 2) Tearpad coupons from my friend Ronda (Thanks!)
= $1.50 each!

And...the Schick Razors I bought all had $3.00 coupons in them!

so I got $30.00 worth of coupons that I am hoping will score me some more FREE Razors :)


  1. I was at Walmart today, too, girls! Picked up 3 trial size packages of Breathe Right Strips, 4 packages of Chef Requested bacon-wrapped steaks, and one package of Bar S Bacon and paid less than $2. (I had a $5 certificate from Bar S that provided some OVERAGE along with overage from the Breathe Right strips. Walmart makes me happy :)

  2. Nice Wendi! Walmart makes me VERY happy . . . . I'd be lost without them!

  3. Have you tried to use the $3/1 Yes to carrots coupon from FB at any of our local Wal Marts yet? I'm a little scared to...But I love me some lip balm!

  4. How come your afraid to? I looked for the lip balm at my Walmart in Colville and it doesn't look like they carry it. I was bummed. :-( Joelle

  5. I couldn't find it at the Y In Spokane either. I am going to try to get over to the Shadle store tomorrow and keeping my fingers crossed that I will find it there. I will let everyone know if I do :)

  6. They've had a TON of problems with that coupon not scanning, and having people being accused of coupon fraud because it's a PDF and has poor print quality, etc. I was hoping to find out if there was any luck using them at our local Wallies before I went out, all four of them are at least a 20 minute drive from me (on the south hill). Let me know how it goes!