Friday, January 6, 2012

Do You Have Netflix?

247086_Extended through January! Join Netflix and Get a $10 Papa John's Gift Card!

We do and we love it!  I wish we could get in on this offer too, but it is only for new members :(  Join Netflix and get a $10.00 Papa John's Gift Card!  We have our Netflix set up to go through the Wii and it has provided much relief on past winter days when there was nothing decent to watch on TV!  It is the best $10.00 a month ($7.99 + Tax)  we have spent for entertainment that everyone can get in on.  Last summer we stayed at a resort that had Wi-Fi, so we took our laptop and was able to watch TV and Movies while we were there...which came in quite handy when it started raining! 

You *might* be able to combine this offer with the FREE trial offer too! Since we are already members, I can't tell.  If you go for it, let us know if you get both the FREE Trial and the $10 Papa John's gift card!


  1. we use netflix daily. even when the price went up, we stuck with it. we had 3 dvd's at a time but went down to 2. still not a bad price!!

  2. It's apparent from the sign-up website that it is possible to combine the free Papa John's gift card offer with the free trial offer, but the gift card will only be sent after you become a paying customer; so after the first (free) month, when your credit card has been charged for the second month, they'll mail the gift card.