Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Local Produce Deals: 1/11 - 1/17!

Produce prices are crazy high right now!  Here are the best ones around town this week.


Farm Stand Carrots, 1 lb.bag, 79¢ each
Fresh Yellow Onions, 3 lb. bag, $1.49 each

Buy 3 lbs. or more of Albertsons Beef Chuck, Chuck Shoulder, Cross Rib, Bottom Round or Round Tip Roast and get  (1) 5 lb. bag of Farms Stand Potatoes (1) 1lb. bag of Farm Stand Carrots and (1) sleeve of Farms Stand Celery FREE!

Fred Meyer (1/8 - 1/15)

Large Navel Oranges, 48¢/lb.
Eggplant, $1.00 each


$$ Navel Oranges, 39¢/lb.
$$ Idaho Russet Potatoes, 5 lb. 99¢ each
$$ Roma Tomatoes, 79¢/lb.
$$ Haas Avacados, 59¢ each

$$Earthbound Farms Organic Salad Blends, $2.00 each
- $2.00/1 Printable coupon from Recyclebank
= $1.00 each wyb 2


Safeway Farms Peeled Baby-cut Carrots, 1 lb. bag, 99¢ each
Green or Red Seedless Grapes, $2.99/lb.
Red Cherries, $2.49/lb.  (Friday - Sunday only)

Super-1 Washington Region, check out Idaho's deals here on Raking in the Savings!

$$Fresh Express Salad Bags, 78¢
$$Braeburn Apples or Cameo Apples, 78¢ per pound
$$Baby Cut Carrots 1 lb Bag, 98¢
Green Onions, 78¢
Red & Ripe Roma Tomato, 78¢

Trading Company

$$Large Slicing Tomatoes, 77¢.lb.
Red or Yellow Potatoes, 2 lb. bag, $1.49 each
Green Beans, 98¢/lb.
Minneolas, 59¢/lb.
Blueberries or Blackberries, 6 oz., $1.77 each
$$Mushrooms, Whole or Sliced, 8 oz., $1.48 each
Clip Top Carrots, 2 lb., 98¢ each 


Fresh Express Garden Salad, 88¢/bag.
Cuties Cementines, 5 lb. box, $4.98 each
Fresh Sliced or Whole Mushroom, 8 oz., $1.67 each
Radish & Green Onion Bunches, 50¢ each

Fresh Friday - 1/13

Large Navel Oranges,48¢/lb.
Russet Potatoes, 10 lb. Bag, $1.28 each
Fresh Broccoli Crowns or Cauliflower 78¢/lb.
Cameo, Grannysmith or Braeburn Apples, 78¢/lb.
Texas Rio Star Grapefruit, 33¢ each

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