Thursday, January 19, 2012

Produce Deals 1/18 - 1/24!

Produce prices are crazy high right now!  Here are the best ones around town this week.


Strawberries, 1 lb. $3.99, BOGO

Dole Salad Blends, $1.99 w/in ad coupon
- 75¢/1 Blinkie MFs (let us know if you have found them!)
= $1.24 each

Fred Meyer (1/15 - 1/29)

$$Fuji, Gala, Braeburn or Cameo Apples, 78¢/lb.
Bartlett, An'Jou or Bosc Pears, 88¢/lb.
Cuties Clementines, 5 lb. $5.88
Roma Tomatoes, 88¢/lb.
Crimini or White Mushrooms, whole or sliced, 8 oz., $1.50 each

Harvest Foods 

$$Golden Ripe Bananas, 48¢/lb.
Romaine Lettuce, 99¢ each
Idaho Potatoes 10 lb Bag, $2.99
Large Slicing Tomatoes, 99¢/lb.
Crisp Celery, 69¢/lb.


Red, Green or Romaine Lettuce, 79¢/bunch
Fuji Apples, 89¢/lb.
Broccoli Crowns, 89¢/lb.
$$ Texas Grapefruit, 5 lb. bag, $2.99 each


$$Fresh Express Garden Plus Salads, 99¢ each
Roma Tomatoes, 99¢/lb.
Red or Green Seedless Grapes, $2.99/lb.

Super-1 Washington Region, check out Idaho's deals here on Raking in the Savings!

$$Red Delicious, Golden Delicious or Granny Smith Apples 78¢/lb.
Fresh Express Premiun Garden Salad, $2.00 each
Blackberries or Blueberries 6oz, $1.50 each
Grape Tomatoes, $1.50 each
Romaine Hearts, $2.50 each
Mini Watermelons, $2.98 each

Trading Company

$$Fuji Apples, 77¢/lb.
$$Mayan Onions, 67¢/lb.
Honey Tangerines, 97¢/lb.
$$Pears, 77¢/lb.


Texas Rio Star Red Grapefruit, Jumbo, $1.00 each
Extra Large Ripe Tomatoes, 88¢/lb.
$$ 5 lb. bag #1 Russet Potatoes, 98¢ each w/in ad coupon (PLU 1821)
Blueberries, 18 oz., $3.98 each
Andy Boy 3 ct. Romain Hearts, $2.50 each
Bartlett, Bosc, Comice or D'Anjou Pears, 78¢/lb.

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