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Turkey Wars 2011!

And so it begins....the annual war between the stores to get you to come in and buy your T-day turkey. I have been keeping track of Turkey prices for the last two years, it's interesting to me because I know (from talking to folks in the meat business) that most stores take a HUGE loss on the Turkeys.  They figure, if they give you a great deal on your bird, that you will most likely buy the rest of the groceries you need for the traditional feast at their store too, making this one of the most competive times of the year for the grocery business!

Here are this year's Turkey prices and comparisons to 2010 and 2009:


Farm Fresh Basted or Honeysucket White Frozen whole Turkeys (16 pound or larger), $0.31 cents/lb. or $0.41 cents per pound (under 16 pounds) with a minimum $50.00 purchase.  Additional Turkeys are regular retail price at $1.49/lb.
(check your stash for $1.00/1 Honeysuckle Turkey coupons that were available recently)

Lil' Butterball Turkeys, grade A Frozen, $1.99/lb.
Butterball Frozen Whole Turkey, $1.69/lb.
Honeysuckle Frozen Bone-in Turkey Breast, $1.99/lb.

Butterball Fresh Whole Turkey, $1.89/lb. (did you get that $2.00/1 Butterball Printable yesterday?)
Jennie-O Fresh Turkey, $1.59/lb.
Wild Harvest Organic Fresh Turkeys, $2.49/lb.
- $3.00/1 Fresh Whole Turkey Albertsons Store Coupon (front page of ad)

Farm Fresh Frozen Basted Turkey, $1.29/lb.
Spend an additional $25.00 and it will be .27 cents/lb. for a 16 - 22 pound Turkey, or .37 cents/lb. for a smaller Turkey. The $25.00 required purchase does NOT include the price of the Turkey.
Butterball Frozen Turkeys, $1.59/lb. 
Jennie-o Fresh Turkey, 12 - 22 lbs., $1.49/lb.
Wild Harvest Fresh Turkey, $2.49/lb. 

Village Market frozen basted Turkey, .37 cents per lb up to 16 lb, over 16 lb .27 cents per lb, with additional $25.00 purchase,  $1.29/lb. w/o additional purchase.
Butterball frozen Turkeys, $1.59/lb.
Butterball fresh Turkeys, $1.79/lb.
Wild Harvest whole Turkey (organic), $2.49/lb.

See more Albertsons deals and Doubler ideas from The Krazy Coupon Lady!

Fred Meyer:

{photo credit:  Raking in the Savings}
Spend $150.00 = Free Frozen Private Selection 10 - 23 lb. Turkey
Spend $100.00 = .49 cents/lb.
Spend $50.00 = .69 cents/lb.
This is worth considering if you have a big ticket item or two on your Christmas list!

Butterball Frozen Turkey, Grade A, $1.99/lb.
- $2.00 Store coupon from Sunday's Ad
- $2.00 Printable coupon that was available for a split second yesterday!

Private Selection Organic Turkey, $2.99/lb.

Tony Chachere's Tur-Duc-Hen, $59.99 each
- $5.00 Store coupon from the monthly Extra Savings Booklet
= $54.99

Spend $150.00 = Free Frozen Private Selection 10 - 20 lb. Turkey
Spend $100.00 = .29 cents/lb. (.49 cents/lb. last year)
Spend $50.00 = .49 cents/lb. (.59 cents/lb. last year)

Spend $150.00 = Free Frozen Private Selection 10 - 20 lb. Turkey
Spend $100.00 = .49 cents/lb.
Spend $50.00 = .59 cents/lb.

Check out Frugal Chic Living for more Fred Meyer deals!


Premium Norbest or Jennie-O Whole Frozen Turkey, $.49/lb. with an additional $25.00 purchase (excludes Turkey) $1.39/lb. without the additional $25.00 purchase.

Premium Norbest Whole Frozen Turkey, 10 - 24 lb. .49 cents/lb with a $25.00 purchase. 

Premium Norbest whole Turkey, .39 cents per lb with a $25.00 purchase.

More Rosauers deals here!

Spend $150.00 = FREE Safeway Frozen Turkey
Spend $100.00 = $.39/lb. Safeway Frozen Turkey
Spend $50.00 = $.59/lb. Safeway Frozen Turkey
** Starting Friday, 11/18, through Monday, 11/21 - Get a $10.00 OYNO when you spend $75.00 in a single transaction. **

Honeysuckle Whole Frozen Turkey, $.99/lb.

Safeway Turkey, 16 lbs or larger, .29 cents/lb. with a $25.00 purchase
.39 cents/lb. for 16 lbs. and under.
Honey Suckle Turkey, 16 lbs. or larger, .79 cents/lb. with a $15.00 purchase
Safeway Select Fresh Turkey, $1.29/lb.

Safeway frozen Turkey, .27 cents per lb. if over 16 lbs, .37 cents per lb. if under, with $25.00 minimum purchase.
Honey Suckle frozen Turkey, .69 cents per lb. with $25.00 minimum purchase.
Safeway Fresh Turkey, .99 cents per lb. with $25.00 minimum purchase.

More Safeway deals here!

Super-1: Spokane, Ellensburg, Colville and Walla Walla

Whole Grade A Frozen Turkeys, $ with $25.00 purchase (excludes the Turkey)

I didn't record Super-1 Turkey prices for 2010 or 2009 :(

Check out more deals at Super-1 over at Raking in the Savings!  Lots of nice FREEBIES this week for Idaho shoppers!

Trading Company:


Butterball Turkeys, $.97/lb.

No intel on 2010 or 2009.


Butterball Premium Whole Frozen Turkeys, $.99/lb.
Norbest Fresh Whole Turkey, $1.29/lb.
Norbest Fresh Turkey Breast, $2.29/lb.

Butterball Premium Frozen Turkey, .89 cents/lb.

Butterball frozen Turkey, .89 cents per lb.
Norbest Fresh Turkey, $1.27/lb.
Smoked Turkey, $2.99/lb.

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