Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rite Aid: Season of Savings (Double Up on Your +Ups!)

I was looking at my Rite Aid receipts, making sure that I didn't miss any of my +Up rewards when I noticed, down at the bottom that I already have $5.00 toward getting a Season of Saving $10.00 +Up reward!   I called Rite Aid Customer Service and verified that the promotion is tracking through December 24th!  Meaning, if you don't spend $50 in just one week on the qualifying items, the total will carry over into the next week!   Well, that got me going :)  The qualifying items change each week, so it will be simple enough to get in on this promotion!

 Here are a few I came up with where we can double up on the +Up ups!

Buy $12.00 worth of Baking Supplies and get a $3.00 + Up and the total goes toward the Seasons of Savings too!

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, $2.00 each
(Buy 4 = $8.00)
- $1.00/2 Printable coupon x 2
- $1.00/3 Rite Aid Video Value Printable coupon from November
= $5.00

Hershey's Kisses, $3.00 each
(must buy 2= $6.00)
- $1.00/2 MF from the 11/20 SS
- $1.00/2 Rite Aid Video Value Printable coupon from November
= $4.00
Spend $9.00, get a $3.00 +Up for purchasing $12.00 in Baking Supplies, and 14.00 toward your Season of Savings +Up Reward!

Alka Setzer Cold Plus, $4.99
- $2.00 MF from the 10/23 RP
= $2.99
Get a $2.00 +Up and $4.99 toward the Season of Saving +Up!

Mars Holiday Minitures and Holiday M&Ms, $2.00 each
(buy 2= $4.00)
- $1.00/2 MF from the 12/4 RP
- $.50 Rite Aid Video Value Printable coupon (Christmas Snickers, if included)
= $2.50, Get a $1.00 +Up and $4.00 toward the Season of Savings +Up!

Sun Disk 2 GB SD Memory Card, $7.99
Get a $2.00 +Up and $7.99 toward the Season of Saving +Up!
These make nice stocking stuffers :)

Buy $10.00 worth of Scunci, get a $5.00 + Up (can do this one twice!), and $10.00 toward the Season of Savings +Up!  Also make nice stocking stuffers!

No coupons to go with this one, but it's not a bad price if your in need (you can always use some of your other +Ups to lower your OOP!) Get a $.50 + UP and $1.49 toward your Season of Saving +Up Reward!

Philips 6 ft. HDMI Cable, In Ear Headphones w/case or 3 Device Remote, $6.99
Get a $2.00 +Up and $6.99 toward the Season of Savings +Up!

I think this is going to be a fun month at Rite Aid!  As I mentioned previously, the Season of Saving + up is tracking, but you can actually get the $10.00 + Up reward 4 times!  If we work these different +Up deals in with it, we should all be able to get a good deal of booty for very little OOP :)  I'm excited, can you tell?

Many thanks to I heart Rite Aid for the sneek peek on the coming ads!


  1. So the Seasons Of Savings deal is before coupons? Yay!

  2. someone at customer service may have told you this, but its not true - the season of savings resets each week. so you can do multiple transactions throughout the week and everything will add up, but if you don't finish before the end of the week you will lose the amount you had towards the deal!

  3. I posted an update here:

    Not real happy with Rite Aid right now....