Monday, December 5, 2011

Rite Aid!

On Saturday, I posted some information about Rite Aid's Season of Savings + Up promo this month.  I had called Rite Aid customer support, spoke with one of the Wellness Card Reps and was told specifically that the promotion was tracking from one week to the next.  Well, that was exciting, so I posted it!

This morning, I received an email from Rite Aid Public Relations stating that this information is, in fact, incorrect.  The promo does NOT track from one week to the next.  The sender wanted to know where I got that information, and I replied that it had been verified by RA customer service.  Now, I am confused.

I called customer service back and again asked, is the promo tracking?  I was put on hold...hold...hold...the gal finally came back and said yes, it is.  I went on to read her the email that I had received and she said that there have been some problems with it but it should be tracking and if the +up didn't print to just call.  From week to week?  She thought so, but put me on hold again to double check.  Holding....holding...holding....

About  10 minutes later she came back and said that the Season of Saving + Up promo is tracking but NOT from week to week as I had originally been told on Saturday. 

 I wouldn't have been excited or bother to post about it if I had received the correct information the first time.  That's why I called in the first place, to make sure!  I apologize for getting everyone else excited too. 

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