Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Albertsons: Score on Pantene (And A Shout Out To The Coupon Fairy!)

My head wasn't really all that wrapped around Albertsons doubler shopping this week and I did put it off to the very last moment. All I really wanted was the Star Olive Oil  and a couple bottles of Coffee Creamer anyway, so this turned out to be a really pleasant surprise when I met the sweetest coupon fairy :) 

This cute little gal - with a very well organized coupon binder - pointed out that certain Pantene Products were clearanced for $2.14 each.  I only had one of the $3.00/2 Pantene MFs that we got this weekend and God bless her, she gave me 3 more!  How nice is that?  So we chatted a little bit and she was showing me a few of the other deals she was getting, this savvy shopper has totally embraced the new Albertsons coupon policy and was making the most of it.  I was very impressed with her ability to work out transactions on the fly like that...that has never been my strong suit!

So, I got 8 cans of Pantene Hairspray @ $2.14 each = $17.12
Tax = $1.49
- $12.00 ($3.00/2  x 4 MFs from the 1/1 P&G)
= $6.61

I received 2 $1.00 OYNOs!  If I would have had my head on, I would have grabbed another one and used one of the $1.00/1 home mailer coupons with a doubler.  It would have only added another 14¢ to my total and I would have gotten another $1.00 OYNO...but I didn't.  I'm pretty happy with getting 8 cans of Hairspray for 82¢ each, and $2.00 in manufacturer OYNOs that I plan on using on Friday at the Yoke's Breakfast Sale :)

TY Coupon Fairy!

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  1. You ladies are real and I appreciate you. I get so frustrated when I get home and realize I didn't use a q or could switched up my transactions to make for a better total, but we aren't perfect. So, I'm glad I'm not alone! Thanks again! :o)